If you're here, maybe it's because you have my email address and were curious.

I've made a few side projects:

www.gaffologist.com for finding houses near transport, bike infra, and schools of your preferred ethos (www.educatetogether.ie in my case!)

joinedupthinking.ie - just a quick hack to get some proposed bike and walking infra on the same map as existing infra (this should be something the government does already....) . It's open source! Feel free to make a PR to github.com/CalRobert/calrobert.github.io/

And I don't have much about it online but I have a 200 year old thatched cottage and have done some lime plastering, a little thatch repair, rewilding, etc. if you want to talk about that! It's a 15 minute bike ride from the train, near greenways, near an Educate Together scool, and has gigabit fibre broadband. It was under €100k, even in 2019. It's the house I built Gaffologist to find!