An incredibly useful tool for finding LinkedIn connections

Sometimes I have occasion to seek an introduction to someone via LinkedIn. This can be a potential investor, employer, customer, etc.. LinkedIn, of course, makes it easy to see if you know anyone at a company, but what if you only have mutual acquaintances?

Right now, LinkedIn will show you a long list of people at a company, followed by "# shared connections". Some of those are probably shared with someone you are only loosely acquainted with, and others with someone who would definitely vouch for you and make an introduction. Clicking on the "shared connections" link for each is time consuming!

I made a bookmarklet to make this easier. Simply drag this link to your Bookmarks toolbar, and if you click on it while viewing people at a given company, all of the shared connections will be expanded.

Expand Shared Connections

Remember, don't click that link here on my blog! Drag it to your bookmarks, and then click the bookmark when you're on LinkedIn! It's just a tiny bit of javascript that simulates you clicking on all of the Shared Connections links - javascript:(function(){$('.shared-conn-expando').click()})();